Who we are

#1 Water purifier equipment company in Bahrain

Since 1996, AGBR (Arabian Gulf Bio-Remedies) has been providing the finest whole-house water and air treatment systems for families like yours. AGBR is now a leading company in Bahrain, with over 3000 residential and over 500 commercial clients.

AGBR is the only company that is dedicated to providing pure water treatment solutions for you in Bahrain. Through our efforts in using clean and renewable energy, AGBR is part of the Sustainable development goals (SDG) of Bahrain 2030, to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.


Our Future Vision:

With respect to our vision and mission, AGBR strives to continue to be the leading water treatment company for homes and businesses alike.


To promote quality of life and wellbeing through innovative & high-quality solutions and technologies.


Be the leading company in Bahrain to provide environmentally-friendly and sustainable solutions for homes and businesses alike.

Our History

A short history how Arabian Gulf Bio Remedies in Bahrain developed over the years in a successful leading company in Bahrain.


About the founder

Hamad Al Ammari

Hamad Al Ammari is a Saudi Arabian expert in economic and geopolitical affairs. He recently published a book on the Saudi economy beyond oil, Vision 2030, and has given many presentations and lectures on this matter.

Before this, Hamad was the Deputy Governor at the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), responsible for overseeing the provisioning of all back-office operations of SAGIA and the Vision 2030 realization team.
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Water Story Time line

1500 BC

Water treatment roots back to Ancient Egypt.

Mid 1800’s

Discovery was made that soil contains specific minerals that caused the formation of calcium sulphate solution.

Early 1900’s

The first scale hardness removal system was designed.


Emmet Culligan invented a control valve that allowed for better access to softened water solutions.


Processing of water changes with the discovery that solids could be dissolved through ion exchange


Discovery was made that ion exchange removes debris and contaminates.


Technology gained to regenerate off an electrical timer that would signal when regeneration was needed.


John Grayson start RainSoft in the basement of his house in Bensenville, Illinois, USA.


RainSoft grows rapidly and required a 4th manufacturing facility to meet demands and then a 5th in the 1970s.


RainSoft manufactures the first computerized control valve, the water softener is introduced, followed by the first RO drinking water system. RainSoft moves into sixth facility.


Hamad Al Ammari joins Hami, a swimming pool company where his interest in the water treatment business develops.


RainSoft goes International. Over a period of 3 years, 5 different offices are established by Hamad Al Ammari in Saudi Arabia, to become the larger national dealer for years in a row. RainSoft grows internationally to more than 20 countries worldwide.


The next generation RO introduced. RainSoft introduces block salt to water softeners to allow them go longer without needing to be generated.


Arabian Gulf Bio Remedies (AGBR) was established in Bahrain and taken over by Hamad Al Ammari


AGBR is continuously improving by being present at trainings, conventions and exhibitions. AGBR has won numerous awards for customer satisfaction and is number 1 in Bahrain.


Pentair (establish in 1966) completed its acquisition of Aquion. RainSoft became a part of Pentair.


New technology has allowed for water softening purification and air treatment to be smarter, more efficient, and more affordable. More people are benefiting from healthier, cleaning and softer water to improve quality of life.


AGBR continues to serve its customers and provides exceptional service expected from a company that has been in the business for 28 years.