Drinking water systems

Drinking water is an essential source of life, but we don’t have a pure and drinkable water source in our homes. Our tap water is full of unhealthy contaminants and dust. So we will offer you the best drinking water filter system in Bahrain AGBR to have more drinkable and pure water.

Tap water contains many chemicals. Some are environmentally damaging and may cause cancer or other illnesses.

There are many drinking water filters. Some aim to give your water a better taste, while others could filter both beneficial and harmful substances from the water. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing a suitable drinking water filter system.

AGBR drinking water filter systems will give you better-tasting drinking water. They remove the unwanted contaminants in your water, such as chlorine and sediment, which cause unpleasant tastes or odours.

The Importance of Drinking water Filters.

Drinking water filters don’t only make your water taste better. They remove the contaminants from the water to make it more drinkable. We will also mention additional benefits when you buy our drinking water filter from AGBR.

– You will save more money.

Reports found that the population spends around $15 billion on bottled water. While we all can’t live without water, It is a beverage. 

Installation of a drinking water filtration system from AGBR will save more money while having filtered and drinkable water.

-You will save the environment.

Plastic is harmful to the environment and marine animals. It is unhealthy to drink water from it. Getting your drinking water filtration system will eliminate the use of plastic in making bottled water.

 -You will boost your health.

Now with our best drinking filtration system, you will be sure that the dirt and chemicals in your water have been removed. You could avoid waterborne diseases and bacteria to save your family’s health.

You will be protected from many diseases.

Drinking water containing bacteria, pesticides, Escherichia coli, or heavy metals is associated with gastrointestinal disorders, cancer, reproductive effects, and Git symptoms such as stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. Now you know the importance of a proper drinking water filtration system.

AGBR considered one of the most advanced companies in drinking water treatment companies in bahrain

Types of Drinking Water Filtration Systems Bahrain

  • Cabinet Reverse Osmosis Filters.

Reverse osmosis filters use a semipermeable membrane to remove water pollutants such as chlorine and sediments by positive pressure. 

During reverse osmosis, water flows from the pollutant side to the low concentration side. Clean drinking water is obtained when the water reaches the other side of the semipermeable membrane. 

Ro filters are the best drinking water filtration systems we can offer in AGBR. You will get the purest water to drink in your home. 

  • Ion Exchange Filters.

The ion exchange filter softens hard water by exchanging calcium and magnesium ions with other ions such as hydrogen and sodium ions, giving the water a better taste and odour. 

Unlike isolation filters that chemically remove hard minerals, ion exchange filters physically remove them, which is better for your health. These filters reduce the scale and are helpful for commercial coffee machines where the water is constantly hot. You will have the tastiest cup of coffee in your home.

  • Mechanical Filters.

The mechanical filter uses a barrier to remove all solid particles. Filters range from meshes that remove large debris to ceramics that remove tiny organisms such as pathogens and viruses. 

The mechanical filter is equipped with a micron rating that indicates how effective it concerns the size of the particles that the filter can remove. Mechanical filters are more common in industrial water but could also be used in drinking water filters.

  • Soft Water Filters.

You should know that drinking soft water is safe. The World Health Organization classifies soft water as “health.” The taste of soft water is unique. Everyone who tried it liked it more than other types of water.

Installing the soft filter is a great way to enjoy soft water fully and is very popular with our customers who deal with AGBR.

  • Jug Filters.

Jug filters were all the rage many years ago and are still popular today. The problem with the filtration process in those filters is that they remove chlorine, and removing chlorine promotes bacterial growth. The biggest challenge is finding a house on the kitchen counter, as they are often too big to fit in the fridge. 

If you have a Jug filter, you should cool it before using it to get cooled drinkable water. It may be expensive, but you will enjoy water filtered by it.

How To Choose The Best Drinking Water Filter?

Depending on your budget and requirements, we will help you choose the best water purification systems from AGBR. 

We recommend reverse osmosis filters if you want a filter for a heavy-duty filtration process. On the other hand, filters that use activated carbon are recommended for water pitchers and filtration bottles.

FAQs about Drinking Water Filter System

The best filters for drinking water are the ones that work by Reverse Osmosis systems. Ro filters effectively filter water according to best safety standards removing all harmful contaminants while maintaining the suitable proportions of good pollutants. 

Heating water in a rolling bottle for a few minutes will give you a safe, quick filtration method to make water drinkable.

Not all substances in water are harmful contaminants. Some types of drinking water filters may remove some healthy ones. That means not every filtered water is safe to be drinkable.

There are five types, as mentioned before.