Commercial water treatment

If you are not satisfied with the purity of your water source, Don’t worry, we are here to give you the best commercial water filtration system for more pure water for your health. 

Our commercial water filtration system is designed to save time and money. We ensure that you will drink the purest water you will ever see. We keep quality first by presenting the highest quality materials with the most valuable prices for saving your money. 

Whether your problem is removing unwanted contaminants from tap water, industrial plant processes, or commercial activities, we will give you the efficient system you are looking for. However, you must understand that a specific water filtration system should treat every problem. Therefore, we will help you know the best commercial water filtration system for your situation.

commercial water treatment

Benefits of Commercial Water treatment System 

  • Having high scales of pure drinkable water.
  • Filtration of Chlorine that produces carcinogenic materials.
  • Remove mercury and other harmful heavy metals.
  • Remove foul odours from your water and make it have a free taste.
  • Organic substances such as insecticides or industrial materials are filtered effectively.
  • Good performance to save your time and give you the suitable quality.
  • Remove rusts, salts, fluoride, and radon.

The Characteristics of Your Tap Water

Why is your tap water impure, and why do you need a commercial water filtration system to fix this problem? We found many factors that affect the purity of the water, and here you list of these factors that should be treated during any water filtration process.


  • Water Hardness

The amount of scales, compounds, and elements present in water determines the hardness of the water. Water hardness refers to the amount of minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are dissolved in water. However, water may contain other metals that increase hardness. 

Our commercial water filtration systems are equipped with an ion medium belt that removes and reduces hardness by exchanging space for unwanted ions or metals. This process occurs when water passes through our commercial water filtration systems.


  • PH Level

When you measure the pH of your tap water, it should be 7. This means pure water doesn’t need our commercial water filtration systems. If the pH is less than 7, it means the water is acidic, and if the pH is higher than 7, it means the water is essential. Bring pH close to 7 to be safe for drinking and other daily uses.


  • Dissolved Solids

The dissolved solids are composed of inorganic salts and some organic substances. Inorganic salts are mainly calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, chlorides, sulfates, and bicarbonates. 

Unfortunately, you are unaware that your water is likely to contain inorganic and organic substances, metals, minerals, salts, and anions. These substances dissolve in water because of environmental conditions.

So, we will give you the best commercial water filtration systems for maintaining the components of your water in healthy proportions. 

commercial water treatment systems

Commercial Water Filtration Methods

As we already explained, water has various microorganisms that affect water quality and purity. This is where our commercial water filtration systems come into play. Let’s see how our commercial water filtration systems use the RO system to remove chemical pollutants from water.


  • Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis water purification systems are used in many commercial water filtration devices. RO technology in our systems has proven to be an excellent solution for removing dissolved salts, fluorides, and bacteria from water. 


  • UV Filters

UV sterilization is one of the most effective and efficient ways to purify water and destroy bacteria, microbes, and other harmful microbes present in the water. UV light kills viruses, bacteria, and protozoa that make your water undrinkable.


  • Activated Carbon Technology

Water filtration systems also use activated carbon water filtration technology, which uses carbon to bind toxins and impurities in the water. It absorbs impurities and supports the water purification process. Carbon filters commonly remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals from water.

Types of Commercial Filtration Systems bahrain


  • LPH Commercial Water Treatment System bahrain

This system is used to separate salt and fluoride to clean drinking water. It uses membranes with extensive properties to purify water effectively.


  • Compact Commercial Water Filters bahrain  

They are small and compact filters for limited places. They fall into both semi-commercial and commercial water purifier categories because they suit large homes and small offices. The primary function is to provide pure drinking water while maintaining the addition of essential minerals. The maintenance cost is lower than other commercial water filtration systems used in the office.


Why Choose Us: The Best in Quality and Service

  • Our commercial water filters have filtration accuracy down to 0.2 µm.
  • Our filters have a self-cleaning process, acid and alkali resistance, and renewable tubes.
  • Our filters are safe for health as the system will enclose when there is a leakage of any hazardous materials.
  • Our products get the highest rates.

FAQs about Commercial Water Filtration System

The cost will depend on the quality of used materials, speed of the filtration process, and GPM Unit. A small basic 10/20 GPM unit will cost you 100$, and the larger 100/200 GPM unit would run between 200$:500$.

Commercial water filters require consistent maintenance for long-term use at suitable and effective speeds. You will have to clean the inlet screen from time to time to prevent clogging harmful particles. Also, the regular replacement of commercial water purifiers is essential.

Commercial filters remove hundreds of biological and chemical materials, including salts, chloride, lead, bacteria, calcium, and carcinogens. These purification methods will make your water drinkable.

The choice of the right and suitable water filter depends on many factors that you should put in your mind to choose. These factors include the water flow you require, the nature of suspended solids, and the quality of filtered water you need.